The Engagement Pamphlet

The Problem:

The entanglement of the United States in Iraq, the nuclearization of Iran, the rise of Hamas and Hezbollah, the disengagement from Gaza and the release of hundreds of murderers in the Shalit deal – all encourage terror. A tiny Palestinian state, fragmented and ruled by terror, will not enable conditions of living suitable for the 21st century. The Two States Solution in the Holy Land will only bring renewed violence, harsher than before. Iran, that is becoming the world center of terrorism and extortion, will orchestrate the violence and lead it. After all past attempts to bring peace to the Middle East, based on existing conventions, failed, time is ripe for changing these conventions. As all attempts failed as a result of objection by extremists, the new convention must propose a solution acceptable to most extremists.

The Solution – The Engagement:

Based on the findings discussed in the Homepage – a viable and doable alternative to the Two States Solution is the creation of a single state that shall lack the problems of a binational one. A just and lasting solution requires the return of the majority of the Palestinians to the people of Israel – an engagement of peace between the Palestinians and the Jews. The solution will liberate both the Palestinians and the Jews from the tragedies of the conflict.

What is The Engagement?

The Engagement plan proposes that both the Jews and the Palestinians undergo a process of consciousness change. It requires both parties to accept the fact that while the Jews were living in exile, preserving their identity as a nation through an uncompromising adherence to their religion, the majority of the Palestinians, whose ancestors belonged to the people of Israel, clung tenaciously to the soil of the homeland. The Palestinians ended up losing their national identity as a result of forced conversion by foreign conquerors.

In the same way that the Jews did the unbelievable by returning to their homeland, the Palestinian will leave their false identity and return to their roots. The process will start with Palestinians who know their real roots and chose not to hide it. This will encourage others, who know and fear, to join. Together they will spread the knowledge to those who lost it. Others will join as a result of their desire to become first class citizens in a highly developed country.

The Engagement – how?

The Engagement process will provide Palestinians who select to participate, with preparatory education for their reintegration in the people of Israel, without resorting to religious coercion. The education will include learning the Hebrew language, Hebrew culture, history of the Land of Israel and of the people of Israel, knowledge of the Bible and of Jewish tradition and morality. The preparation will neutralize the incitement that the Palestinians have received against their Jewish brothers and will allow them to enjoy equal rights and status as citizens in the expanded State of Israel.

The education will be carried out gradually in an evening & weekend school (ulpan) environment, with tens of thousands being integrated yearly. From a religious perspective, there is considerable closeness between original Judaism and original Islam, offering no justification for the continuation of the conflict on the basis of religious differences. A dialogue and peaceful coexistence between the religions in the Holy Land will contribute to a relaxation of religious tensions in the world. Palestinians who do not wish to engage, will initially receive permanent resident status, similar to that of Green Card holders in the United States. They shall have to undertake to be loyal to the State of Israel.

The Jews will be educated about the historical process in which they were separated from their Palestinian brothers and shall get to know their culture, religions and language, so that they will be able to accept them as equal citizens, sharing one nationality. The goal is to transform the situation into that of a melting pot, which will unite most of the residents of the land.

The Engagement benefits?

As a result of adopting the Engagement plan The Palestinians and the Jews will be liberated from the tragedy of terror and will direct all of their energies towards a constructive direction. The rest of the world, eagerly committed to help in providing a solution to the conflict that serves as a focal point for world terror, will assist as much as it can. This will transform the Land of Israel into a flourishing and prosperous homeland for all of its residents.

An atmosphere of peace in Israel will allow many of the Jews of the Diaspora who suffer from Anti-Semitism and are not interested in assimilation, to immigrate to Israel. Jewish factions divided by the controversy regarding the solution to the conflict, will now be able to merge and contribute to a stable regime.

An atmosphere of peace in the Middle East will enable an establishment of a Middle Eastern common market between Israel and Arab countries (with optionally Turkey, if it will not be accepted to the European Union). This common market will combine the Arab resources, their low cost labor and very large market, with the Jewish technological talents. The offered combination will be lead, to a significant extent, by the Palestinians, who are already familiar with both cultures and will become even more so.

Additional material:

In order to receive more basic details, please  download THE ENGAGEMENT BOOKLET (PDF).

In order to delve into the details of the roots of the problem and its solution, order the paperback book BROTHER SHALL NOT LIFT HIS SWORD AGAINST BROTHER.

The book – Brother Shall not Lift His Sword Against Brother details the results of exhaustive research about the history of the Land of Israel over the past 2,000 years from a demographic point of view. As opposed to accepted theories which lack any factual base to their claim that almost all of the Jews of the Holy Land left the land after the destruction of the second Temple, this book presents the decree issued in the name of the Fatimid Khaliph El-Khakem in 1012, as a starting point for the situation that was created in the Holy Land.

Until that year, the Christians, who are not from the people of Israel, constituted the majority of the population in the Holy Land. The decree demanded that all who did not convert to Islam leave the country. After the majority of Christians left, the people of Israel again became the majority in the land but were forced to outwardly become Muslims whereas in their homes, they continued to fulfill the commandments of their forefathers. Due to a change in the name of the land from Judea to Palestine by the Roman emperor Hadrian, these forced converts of the people of Israel, who had lost their original identity, are today called Palestinians.


An interview by Israeli TV channel 1 with British writer and journalist  Melanie Phillips on the lack of Israeli propaganda and the two state solution: