Prof. Joseph D. Ben-Dak

Prof. Joseph D. Ben-Dak is Chairman of Knowledge Planning Corporation. This strategic multinational Think Tank services enterprise advises regarding steps that need be taken now for reaching particularly desired futures. Clients include productive corporations ,international banks, insurance groups and political risk analysts ,universities , entrepreneurs, mayors , corporations and national-federal governments and  militaries in planning / designing / redesigning science and technology better planned or maximized in an age of more unfolding terror and new, sometime overly encroaching, technology "empowerment".

Prof. Ben-Dak serves presently on the boards of a few innovative corporations ranging from the Advanced Reconnaissance Corporation and Center [Chairman; detecting aquaculture options ,diamond deposits, drug trafficking, forestry patterns and  other spots of trouble and/or effective solutions to search and discover missions], Astroview Technologies [Vice Chairman; sharpest woven computer and video screens];Sovereign Investments [Principal; methods of increasing investor value in highly liquid bonds, both in the USA and developing countries/markets] and Human Bionics [Chairman, Advisory Board; facilitating communications and personal or group mental and physiological measurement with intelligent neural sensors, Internet and non Internet interfacing].He also serves on the advisory boards of Comodo Holdings [ combined enterprise and computing encryption and security tool products and services],  MTP Investments and Kinor Technologies [efficiently targeted data harvesting and multi level information and data twinning and tooling].

His main interests in sound productivity are in FX impact manufacturing. His geographical interests in media products for global consumption include the whole Middle East, China, India, Asia-Pacific and Africa Prof. Ben-Dak, has recently (July 2003 – November 2007) completed work as Chairman of an international task force forecasting and evaluating several areas of government deemed "critical" countering of terror and cognate cooperation infrastructure in several Mediterranean countries. Earlier in his career, during the period 1978-1983, on top of his academic appointments in Israel, Prof. Ben-Dak served as the Academic Director, School for Senior Officers, Israel Air Force.

Up to the end of 2002– from 1999 — he served as Executive Vice President and Chief Scientist of a pioneering wearable computers and communications company in Fairfax, VA. He has designed computing and media policies and applications and helped planning systems for DOD, HSD, higher education programs [e.g. for technology business management], language proficiency [e.g. in Farsi; Arabic], video gaming/training that is facilitated by unique FX design and planning community health delivery needs and distance medicine.

He was elected fellow of AAAS in the Social Sciences and Mathematics and won the US National Academy of Science Dissertation Award for Peace Studies. Ben-Dak is a graduate of Hebrew University, Jerusalem. He also has Masters Degrees and PhD's in Methodology and Organizational Sociology and in the Program of Research on Conflict Resolution, all from the University of Michigan. He has done post-doctoral work in the Social Impact of Science Policy at Lund University, Sweden and Conflict Resolution and Forecasting at Oslo University, Norway. He has received, among a few honors, Honorary Doctorates bestowed on him, for example, "for contributions to technology and leadership restructuring in Mongolia and advancing management programs at the University and in the nation of Mongolia."